February 16, 2020

Kung Flu for you

i have been to China twice, spending a couple of weeks in total. Both times I was less than enthusiastic about the trip, especially the second time. Each time I was wrong, it was interesting and an enjoyable experience. The trip is long, and the food situation was different. Sadly, I still haven’t mastered chopsticks.

Anyway, I am offering up a twofer Sunday Pictures today:

Commie Housing on full display

This is the view from my hotel window of Changzhou, China taken on my second trip in November, 2017.

This a view of the Great Wall outside Beijing showing a stretch between guard towers. Right behind me was a place where the Mongols breached the wall. The entry stairs and hand rail are modern additions for safety. Guard duty on the wall would have been less than pleasant. This is from my first trip to China in June 2013.

Next week we shall return closer to home. 


Practical Parsimony said...

Do Chinese get more than a closet sized space in their housing? Sad.

Jean said...

I envy your world travels.

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