February 27, 2020

Snowing free stuff

The maple in my front yard
Yesterday brought a small dose of winter and a perfect snowfall. The flakes were large and wet. Snow stuck to the trees and grass. The roads, driveway, and sidewalks remained clear.

We got all of the beauty and none of the shoveling.

I read an interesting article this morning. I can’t find it to put up a link, so you can do the research on your own. You don’t click links anyway. The crux of the article was the cost of Bernie’s programs will be something like $98 trillion. Let me write that out so you can grasp just how scary that is: 98,000,000,000,000.* For perspective, there are only 31,536,000 seconds in a year. If that doesn’t bring it home consider that the total assets of the American people -  income, cars, houses, savings - are estimated at $97 trillion.

So if we all just sign over everything we have and put our trust in Bernie’s version of collectivism, we still cannot pay for his wish list of free stuff. Venezuela is looking at Sanders and saying “what are you thinking?”.

Don’t underestimate the power of Free. Democrats are as tired of their party hacks as Republicans voters were of their own. Americans are tired of the corruption of our political class and a Trump and Bernie are viewed as outsiders. Don’t fool yourself, Sanders can win and those of us on the side of the good guys better be careful what we wish for in rooting for Bernie Sanders to get the nomination.

* Here is a post where I try to put the staggering amount of money or government spends into perspective. It is outdated now, but I still think it demonstrates the point.


glasslass said...

Included in our debt total are all the VA loans still owing and all that debt is then dumped into that total. VA loan limit for 2020 is $510,400. And in high cost areas the loan limit is significantly higher. And this isn't the only program that's dumped into the debt total. Would love to see the dollar amount still owing on all the VA loans and how much it would reduce those billions.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I don't see how Bernie can be categorized as an outsider. He's been in the Senate for years (since 2007), in politics longer than that, and his only real claim to outsiderdom is that he keeps calling himself an Independent while caucusing with the Democrats.

Honestly, it's not that he's an outsider, it's that there are too many people out there who've been snookered by the progs into thinking socialism is a good thing, and he's the only one of the Clown Car passengers who's willing to go all in on saying he's a socialist.

Practical Parsimony said...

Hopefully, Bernie will not win!

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