March 16, 2020

And another thing

I don’t have enough Chapstick on hand to get through two or three weeks of semi-quarantine.

Now we have a problem.


slugmama said...

I could send you some if you get desperate. ;-)

It was fun to look at what was in folks carts at the store the other day. Lots of interesting items being bought....the best was the shopper with 6 bags of potato chips(can see that being useful)and 8 jars of brown gravy(??). Not even the good biscuits and gravy kind with sausage, just old brown gravy. Strange.

Joe said...

I saw a lDy with at least ten cases of water. Another had 8 gallons of milk.

Joe said...

Lady, not IDy


Practical Parsimony said...

My cart looked like a regular shopping trip. One woman was clutching a bag of lemons. She explained they had bought a lot the day before, but forgot the lemons. She said they drink a lot of iced tea with lemon. I live in the South were sweet iced tea is the drink to have. And, it has to have lemon.

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