March 17, 2020

At what cost?

We are destroying our economy to a point it may take years to recover. All bars and restaurants in Indiana were closed yesterday, throwing tens of thousands out of work. Uber and Lyft drivers are idled by travel restrictions. The mayor of my city has ordered all travel on city streets stopped outside of work, doctor, and food. In effect, Martial law.

This is tyranny. This is how your freedom dissipates like smoke.

But a Joe, there is a global pandemic. We are all in danger.

This disease has spread quickly through the world, starting in China. Authorities tell us it is deadly.

Is it?

There are 7.5 billion people on Earth. So far, in three months, 7,074 people have died. Total. Globally. In Indiana 24 people are diagnosed, one has died. This out of a population of 6.6 million. There have been about 180,000 cases diagnosed globally.

We have put tens of thousands onto the unemployment rolls. We have put many of our lowest income earners in a position to lose their cars, weeks from being homeless to protect what appears to be a fraction of a percent of the population.

I don’t want to seem cold-hearted. I’m one of the high risk targets of this virus.

If there isn’t a run on tinfoil yet, I’m going to fashion me a hat, because the facts don’t back up the fear, panic, hysteria, and outright government intrusion into our lives.

But Joe, without these precautions things could get way worse, I hear you say. If deaths increased a thousandfold, it is still a minuscule percentage.

Call me skeptical.


Practical Parsimony said...

Well, put your granddaughter's lives on the line and see if you will trade them to keep the economy alive.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,

I believe The Powers That Be have carefully orchestrated using this virus to inflict deliberately the utmost financial and emotional pain possible on its citizens.

How in one week’s time can their collective wisdom of “everything is fine; nothing to see here” escalate to “National Emergency!” when data has been flowing out of China since the middle of January?

Some agencies did suggest having some supplies on hand for two weeks, but the mainstream media undermined these recommendations. People are hurting now.

I believe TPTB globally have very few secrets from each other. I believe in TPTB conspiracies. I believe part of TPTB’s secret agenda is being fulfilled by the people’s angst.

I also believe vehemently in the right and responsibility of people to make their own decisions and choices; that right is being eroded daily because we need “protected” and herded for safety. What are the ramifications of allowing TPTB to exercise our right to choose for ourselves? Where is our responsibility for ourselves and our family?


In response to a previous commenter’s query about your granddaughters’ lives:

I am a grandparent. It is the responsibility of the child’s parents to keep the child safe. The parents can embrace social distancing for themselves and the child as well as wear protective clothing themselves during their excursions into the world for work and food. Various decisions have distinct repercussions, but the judgement of the available options should be at the parents’ discretion. The economy and safety of children are NOT indelibly intertwined.

Cheryl said...

Sorry Joe, I must disagree. My daughter was to be married in April and that is off. No bridal shower, no wedding, no rehearsal dinner. My husband has an auto immuine disease and asthma. Don't want to take that chance. That was a low blow from the previous poster about your granddaughter. Everyone should be responsible for their family but a lot of people just think of themselves.

glasslass said...

When you have a population who expect everything to be done for them including the thinking this is what we get. News today says in Washington, people are calling the police because they are out of toilet paper. Now how stupid do you have to be to make that call. But when the gov has to cater to the mass's this is what we get. The first news on 1/30 was optimistic and Trump was piled on for not sounding a major four star alarm. I always try to keep a 30 day supply of food and fill in as needed with fruits and veggies. Bread aisle other day woman was in tears as there was no bread. Looked at me and said what am I going to do? My response buy a package of yeast and make some. She was aghast at that suggestion. Oh, well I guess she'll go without bread cause she won't help herself. And for me that's it in a nutshell.

Daybyday said...

?Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."....

Anonymous said...

You are worried about the economy now? You should have worried back when they passed the stupid tax law that raised the deficit that your grandchildren are going to have to pay off and made the mega rich mega mega rich. How about when people did stupid debt spending so they could have a big house, tanker suv, and the latest furniture and clothes and fabulous vacation cruises. Or for all those that ran out and bought the latest bling, tv, restaurant eating 5 times a week, and numerous other credit card spending.
The problem isn't the temporary shutdown to head off the curve of the pandemic it's that everyone lives on the edge of just how far they stretch their debt. Where is your emergency fund? We are having an emergency now.
No one thinks that the shutdowns will save everyone. They are trying to limit the loss and not create unnecessary stresses that would createn more losses due to ventilator shortages or hospital saturation.
The economy will recover.
There will be financial losses to some. There will be losses of lives as well.
Stop and think and take best actions for avoiding both. Look after yourselves and others and this can be a short blip on the radar.

Anonymous said...

Oh and for goodness sakes this is not some government evil plot to rid the poor etc.. or unseat trump or increase toliet paper shares. please take the foil off your head and remove your head from your ass and realize there have been many such episodes in history. It's a natural struggle between organisms for growth and survival and expansion. Geez you sinister plot people need to get a freaking life and spend more time helping others instead of setting up your alien defense body probe defenders!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Show me where children are at risk - how horrible to incite unfounded panic.

B said...

Oddly, it appears that the Swine Flu 11 years ago was worse....MUCH worse.

Yet nothing like these measures were taken.

Of course, Barry was president then. And he was pushing BarryCare onto all of us, so the press would't do anything to damage the economy or his reign...

Jesus this tinfol hat is tight....

B said...


"Martial law"

Joe said...

Sheesh B Fixed

Anonymous said...

Tinfoil head - I didn't realize the world was plotting with the democrats. Amazing china, italy, uk, iran, japan, spain, canada, poland, south korea and the U.S. media only want to attack trump. Since he is the most important thing in the universe. Really????

Anonymous said...

Unglued your lips from his ass cheeks and let's start making smart rational decisions.
Rex tillerson had it right. moron.
Listen to the rational people and become a doer and a helper. Not a bitcher and a conspiracy foil wearer.

Joe said...


I have re-read my post a couple of times and find anything supporting the President. In fact he isn’t mentioned.

In fact, the post takes a far more small L linetarian view; less government, fewer regulations, edicts, and power grabs.

If you see that as kissing ass, then perhaps your personal bias interferes with your ability to participate in the discussion in a constructive manner.

Joe said...


I deleted the nasty response I posted briefly yesterday. I will say this, you of all people know the mental and physical pain of being broke and homeless. When the government is the instrument of this pain and anguish for millions of Americans it behooves us all to question if it is right and necessary.

If not being a sheep and questioning the authorities means to you I wish horrible consequences for my grandchildren, then I suggest you are just the sort of “yes sir” follower that has enabled tyrannical governments throughout history to perpetuate unspeakable crimes against their citizens and humanity in general.

Cappy said...

Imagine this happening after Trump had been removed!

Anonymous said...

Joe my comments were not to you but to your tin foil head commenter who suggested this was a evil government plot. And to some of your other whack job commenters. To you I suggest that if other countries saw the need for such actions why not us? It's temporary, reversable, common sense direction that will assist our frail and vulnerable. The key point is temporary. Lighten up as you always tell me to do and think thru this situation. Life will return to somewhat normal soon and we can make it out on the other side as more compassionate, logical, and community strong people on the other side. And with more of our vulnerable folks too...

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