March 11, 2020

Joe has anger issues

No matter how long I stare, or how how severe the stern looks I give, the cursor refuses to type letters and words of bloggity entertainment. The dit dit dit dit dit dit ad infinitum blinking Morse Code is useless for content. I guess it is up to me to make the cursor dance like a organ grinder monkey. Curse you mocking cursor.

You have weather. I have weather. Unless you reside in central Indiana, my weather is useless to you.

Biden picked up most of the Donkey Delegates yesterday, making an ass out of himself with one of his Union Supporters. If you watched the video, you see Biden getting outraged anyone would question him, calling the guy an asshole at one point and threatening to “take it outside”. I thought the union guy was polite. Too bad, the young guy would have beaten pencil-neck Joe to a pulp.

It reminded me of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz: “Put em up, put em up”.

I know had I talked like that to one of the USW workers who reported to me when I was a stupidvisor, I would have ended with a bloody nose. Good thing Biden has a cadre of Secret Service types to back up his big talk. Funny how the Union high-ups were boot-licking the Veep, pushing the rank and file out of the way.

Seems to me calling would-be voters liars and a-holes is not the best way to garner support. What do I know?

I still think Hilary will end up with the nomination.


Ed Bonderenka said...

But I heard, to my surprise, he doesn't have Secret Service protection.

Practical Parsimony said...

Hillary? Are you being sarcastic or something? Why?

Joe said...

Ed, I did not know that.

Biden’s taunting makes even less sense.

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