March 10, 2020

Toosday Talking Points

It is a wet morning at the old homestead. Warm weather continues with temperatures in the fifties. I noticed the maple out front is not only filled with buds, but some are already breaking out into leaves. Shoots of tulips and lilies are bringing some welcome green to the winter brown. I see yard work in my future. That thought elicits a hearty “yeah!” and a sigh. I look forward to the warm days of spring and summer but not the massive work I need to do on the grounds of the estate.

The local news station is running a “facts not fear” campaign on the Coronaviris, then spent the first ten minutes of the newscast fear mongering.

The wife ate something that did not agree with her Sunday, probably the Tex Mex we had for dinner. I took over daycare duties for the grandgirls yesterday as a result. The oldest was peeved I couldn’t put her hair up the way mommy and grandma do for pre-school.  I combed it and stuck on a clip-on bow. She got over it.

This is my new favorite thing:

Stay dry and have a great Tuesday.

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Practical Parsimony said...

She will remember fondly how grandpa fixed her hair. trust me.

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