March 8, 2020

Ribs, Cards, Taco Shells

We went back to the old town of my birth yesterday. We stopped by to visit with my papa and then went to hang out with some friends. We enjoyed some excellent ribs at a pub / restaurant place the next county north and then headed back to their house for some euchre and laughs.  It was a good Saturday.

So far today I have changed the clocks to adapt to DST. Deleted 5,000 word rant about the idiocy of DST. I activated my new debit card. I swallowed my morning handful of pills and squirted ant-rejection steroids into my eyeballs.  I’ve managed so far today to drink almost a full mug of coffee, read up on the internet news, and type what you have read so far.

Now I just have to decide what to post for the Sunday Photos feature. I’m torn between some rainbow pictures I took Thursday or a vacation photo. What is your vote?

Looking down the promenade deck, Carnival Dream 2019

I’m just kidding. This is a blog dictatorship. You don’t get to vote. I like this picture. It is a cellphone pic and no fisheye or other distorting lense was used. If you never been on one, cruise ships are huge.

Like many of my favorite pictures, a sunset is involved. Thankfully, the horizon was clear of any Pirates. I understand they are in the Caribbean.

I have determined homemade tacos will be on the supper menus today. It is supposed to be warm and a little South of the Border flavor seems about right. What’s on your menu?

Have a great Sunday and thank you for stopping by.


Practical Parsimony said...

That is why I do not want to go on a cruise, the ships are big. I need to be where I can walk or ride a scooter to where I need to be.

Greybeard said...

We are scheduled for an "around the Italian peninsula" cruise in Fall.
We intend to go... handwashing and LOTS of hand sanitizer. After 26 years as an EMS pilot I'm gonna hope my immune system is strong enough to ward off all boogers.

Few outside Hoosierland know Euchre. I was surprised to find a group of Michiganders in Destin getting together weekly for a tournament.
I'd love to have played with them, but politics prohibited it.
(They were all retired GM, and impossible to reason with.)

Arizona refuses to change their clocks.
Locally, it's great. Trying to remember to call back home while folks are still awake is difficult.

Joe said...

As you know Indiana refused to do the silly clock thing until a few years ago. Not observing DST was great, except for business. It was impossible for customers to know what time we were on.

Joe said...

We have been on three cruises, all to the Carribean. We loved every minute of them.

I hope you have better luck this time on your cruise

Jean said...

Ohio is another Euchre state.
Years ago, when our family reunions gathered 200+, Euchre was the grown-ups entertainment after lunch.

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