March 9, 2020

Stock up on supplies

I putting this blog under self-quarantine.

It is displaying symptoms of barely breathing, wheezing along, just a short time from needing life support.

I think it is the 12 Corona virus.

Grand Cayman 2019

In other words, I need a 12 pack of Coronas and a week at the beach. I’m certain that would cure everything. No, I would probably need more beer, and not Corona, either. And some rum. And some cigars. Yeah, that’s it.

Of course it ain’t gonna happen. But I can dream.

Be careful, I think what I have is contagious.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your writing style and sassy comments. Sorry about the Anonymous but I don't have a Google account and it won't let me do anything else. Nancy

Joe said...

Thanks Nancy.

I don’t mind anonymous comments. Heck, I’m pretty much anonymous myself (I hope).

I’ve tried getting rid of the captcha thing to no avail.

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