March 21, 2020

Sweet citrus delight

My mom used to make this wonderful lemon cake. Is was moist and delicious and covered in a sweet and tart lemony glaze. It was the best lemon cake I have had and no other lemon cake I have tried even comes close.

Mom always made me this lemon cake for my birthday, even bringing one to my college residence. After I moved away I always missed the lemon cake on my birthday. I thought the recipe was gone when she passed away.

Until Thursday when my wife pulled out the eggs and flour and proceeded to bake my mom’s lemon cake for my Friday birthday. It was as good as I remember. I almost cried. It reminded me of my youth and my mom.

It seems my daughter and wife were going through mom’s recipe box at Christmas and when my wife spotted the faded card with the lemon cake recipe she knew she had to take it home and bake it for me.

The grandgirls came over yesterday and sang happy birthday from the end of the sidewalk. That sucked. The littlest one waved from her car seat as the oldest sang to me. Fricking Chinese. See what happens when you eat weird stuff?

I can’t say much positive about this latest, just completed trip around the sun. It started OK, but quickly went to seed after that. I give it a one star review.

Tomorrow marks fifteen years of this blog site. Rarely does a day go by without some words from me. That is good or bad depending on your point of view. Thanks to each of you who stop by. You are indeed one of the reasons I keep it up. That, and a compulsion to provide evidence for my future commitment hearing.

Stay safe. Stay away from people. Wash your hands. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for America.


Cappy said...

That cake sure sounds better than this cream of bat soup!

slugmama said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!!
The next one has to be better, right?

Practical Parsimony said...

Maybe you could share this fabulous cake recipe? Happy Birthday. I hate this is all going so wrong for you.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Happy Birthday Joe.
It's interesting that the cake WAS as a good as you remember given that memory often improves things with age.
And to think your wife could cook as well as your mom.
Share the recipe as Practical said.

glasslass said...

Happy belated birthday. So glad your wife was able to make your special cake for you. And if you were so inclined maybe at sometime you might want to share? Lemons being one of my all time favorite flavors I have a fruit drawer full of lemons. Was going to throw most into the freezer but could be persuaded to hold off. But the others are going to be lemon curd tomorrow. Anyway, hope you had a good birthday.

Jean said...

What a wonderful gift from your wife.
Do share the recipe. I bet your Mom would be pleased.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Glasslass, that's the second reference to lemon curd I've heard today.
And in my lifetime.

Joe said...


For some reason I am unable to comment at your blog. I try with my google account and as anonymous, when I hit publish the comment disappears.

Joe said...

Thanks to all.

You guys are trying to turn this into a cooking blog.

I have to see where the wife has the recipe stored.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I don't get it Joe.
Greybeard can't either.

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