March 1, 2020

waiting in a long gray line

The grandgirls spent the night last night. No matter I see them nearly every day, it is great when they come in the door. Both are the happiest girls. It is my sincere wish they have that same happiness and joy forever.

Yeah, I know, the teenaged girl is in the future.

We went to dinner at the oldest girl’s favorite restaurant. We had the worst service I have probably ever had, starting with the servers arguing who would take our table; not because of “us”, but because one had a ten top and the other didn’t want another table.

After getting our food our server never came back. We finally got another server to bring our check. Our server never came to collect the payment and after trying to get her attention ( she walked past the table glancing at the cash three times) we left the bills on the table with about $1.50 for the tip. If we had exact change I would have left it. I would have asked for a manager on the way out, but the five year old was ready to leave and the baby was already past bedtime. It shouldn’t take two hours to dine at the Spaghetti Factory. Not counting the wait for the table.

Anyway, here is something a little more pleasant for your Sunday Pictures feature:

This is the mighty Hudson looking north from West Point. Yes that West Point. We visited and had a tour during a sales meeting in October 2013. My only disappointment was we had limited time. While I saw Custer’s “grave”, I did not get to search for the burial site of my hero General George Thomas.

I hope you have a great Sunday.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Precious memories.
Not the dining memory.

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