April 27, 2020

that is the way you do it

A sentence or two about the weather: current and future.

Discuss what I did yesterday.

Talk about plans for today.

Optional: discuss politics.

Mandatory: Complain.

Occasional: throw up a video, picture, cartoon, or joke.

Wish readers a safe/good/prosperous day


Practical Parsimony said...

That works!

glasslass said...

Thanks, I always wanted a plan for starting a blog. Now what to call it? How about I'm bored, your bored, we are all bored. Sound like a good name to me. Probably won't last long once we resume our lives again. But maybe it'll be good for a month or so. Think if I just called it, IBYBWAAB is catchy enough? Hmmm, gonna have to think on this. Yeah, a project to keep my mind occupied! Thanks again. (my hubby use to say my mind was like a squirrel. Can't imagine why :)

Joe said...

Haha Glasslass, just write that post pretty much every day for 15 years and you will get 30-75 hits a day (350-600 ten years ago when blogging was cool).

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