April 26, 2020

cheap coffee pods are no substitute for quality

Yesterday’s rain held off until early evening and the day turned out pretty nice. I went for a long walk on the beach through the neighborhoods,  listening to a history podcast the while. As I have often stated, education is a lifelong process.

In the afternoon I cleaned out my humidor. I put my stogie collection into my backup humidor while I wiped down the cedar lining of the bigger cherrywood box. What, you don’t have a backup humidor?  The smaller unit is one I got as part of a cigar deal a few years ago. As soon as I’m done virtually chatting with you I will get my fine smokes transferred back to the rehumidified big box. I can take an inventory at that time too.

In other news, nothing. Life in lockdown continues.

Have a great Sunday and stay safe.

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