April 30, 2020

The human touch

I don’t like to be touched. Outside of my wife, hugging makes me uncomfortable. My wife’s family likes to hug, so I just bear it, but I don’t like it. Professionally I have to do handshakes. I prefer them short and firm with no extraneous elbow grasping.

I don’t even like a friendly pat on the arm. Simply, I prefer to have no physical contact with my fellow human beings.

The bat soup flu likely has put an end to these hands-on gestures.

I’m good with that.


glasslass said...

Shortly after this all began a friend asked what I though people would give up and I said hugging. Startled look, but I have hated this concept of meet someone new and give them a hug. NO, Hell, No! I hug my family and very few close friends. But I don't want, nor like strange people I just meet to hug me. Handshakes, ok I can go wash my hands but hugs I just want to go take a shower. Ok, I'm done now.

Practical Parsimony said...

Oh, I HATE all the hugging!!! How can anyone presume I want to be hugged? The trouble is, no one cares if you want to be hugged. THEY want a hug and that is all that matters. I end up with my face squished into people's bodies and sometimes I am wearing their body odor for hours. Do not grab me and leave your underarm odors in my hair! No, I do not like your perfume, either. I have allergies and am affected by all this for hours.

Besides the intrusion, I have lower back problems that are exacerbated by even small hugs, never mind the overly aggressive hugs. And, hugs rip my torn rotator cuffs again, well, it seems that way.

Whacks that pass for pats hurt me! Stop it!!! People try to defend themselves when I offer that they are hurting me. Then, I am turned on and talked about. They are being victimized by me, I suppose.

AND, what is this with people rubbing me? I told one woman to stop and she said she did not mean to rub me. Well, she had her hand stretched out and had managed to cover me from shoulder to shoulder and almost to my waist. These are not accidents of proximity.

Social distancing suits me just fine.

Cheryl said...

You sound like my husband. My family is Italian and hugging was a way of life including kids kissing everyone goodbye when we left. One more thing to change in my life. My sons-in-law are huggers and I am glad.

Ralphd00d said...

Everyone has their view about acceptable hug/hugging. But for the most part, I do agree with you. Though, I do like to give big ol teddy bear hugs to those cute girls with big boobs....

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