April 6, 2020

The Wheels of the State Go Round and Round

The wife has her phone set up to get notified every time an email arrives. I think she forgot to turn it down because it dinged often and loudly all night long, especially around five AM. After the third or fourth random “Ding” I got up for the day. So it goes.

The governor announced a few weeks ago unemployment benefits have been extended another 13 weeks. Last week was my last normal payment. I tried all week to find out what to do, but of course the phone lines are closed, there is no email, and the website doesn’t offer guidance.

I tried to file a weekly voucher or file a new claim yesterday, but neither option is available to me because the system thinks I’m done with my benefit. That’s a long-winded way of reporting I won’t get any money this week. I’m not sure how I am to tell the State I’m still unemployed.

Me and a million other Hoosiers.

We won’t starve. We have enough food to last a few weeks and the utilities won’t shut us off. Internet  and TV, I’m not sure, but I have a week or two to figure that out. The wife got some fresh bread and some milk yesterday at the store so I think we have stuff covered until the State can get it’s act together.

Sadly, the DWD was one department at the State that embodied the worst of stereotypical political bureaucracy. They made the BMV look like customer service all-stars before this Corona virus crisis. They never answered a call, promising to get back to you in 24-48 hours. When they did call you back their general response was to “read the handbook”.

Once, when I called about a problem the conversation devolved to “where did you read that?” and demanding I cite page and paragraph from the handbook. When I did she told me it didn’t say that. I verified my edition and asked my question again. She said the handbook was wrong and she would get with management. I never got my question answered because all the clerk could focus on was the handbook did not match her idea of how things should work.

Things will work out. The wheels of government turn slowly, but they do turn.

If all else fails, I have been sitting around snacking. I’m getting fattened up. The wife can cut me up into a nice rump roast for Easter.


Scott said...

I've only had to file for unemployment once in a 45 year career. I found the whole experience to be very revealing about gubments ability to do its job. If I was as bad as they are at performing my duties, I would have needed it way sooner, because I was expected to perform at a very high level. It was degrading at best.

Practical Parsimony said...

A government clerk who does not know the handbook. I find that hard to believe. Okay, I am laughing at the "clerk."

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