June 23, 2020

A Second Monday

New day in a new week. Yesterday was semi-wasted. I went under the scope in the AM and slept away much of the afternoon. The kids took me out for a delayed Fathers Day dinner steak in the evening. I went to bed at normal time and slept poorly. That catches us up.

In other news, nothing. The Marxists are moving forward with their purge of history and the ability to  even have a different opinion of their orthodoxy. Look up Mao cultural revolution in Wikipedia if you want a little historical perspective. The leftist playbook has existed for hundreds of years and the average person is somehow always caught off guard.

I’m off to see a different shop about my car’s A/C. I expect the worst.

In the meantime, how about a little music for a Tuesday’s?


hey teacher... said...

One of my fave Stones songs. Hey follow it up with “ What if I came knocking” by John LincolnMercuryCougarWatermelonCamp. Hope you passed your tests.i

Joe said...

Hey Teach

I hope all is well

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