June 24, 2020


The Libs have toppled a statue of President Grant in San Francisco because clearly defeating the Confederacy, passing the Fifteenth Amendment, and sending Federal troops into the South to squash the KKK proves he was naught but a racist white dude and needs to go.

A statue of a noted abolitionist was torn down and tossed into a lake in Madison, WI.

Where are the authorities when this willful destruction of public property is occurring?

Sorry, if walking past a statue triggers intense feelings and ruins your life, you need to grow a pair. News Flash: NONE OF YOU WERE EVER SLAVES. Nothing you see can remind you of something you never experienced.

Satanic images and crosses dipped in pee offend me mightily. So what? That Pentagram on your shirt has no effect on my daily life. Kneeling during the Anthem is offensive to me. So what? I won’t do it. You do as you see best. No one has a right not to be offended.

Does racism exist? Yes. Is life hard? Yes. What do you do? Study, get an education. Work hard. Make the most of life.

How far are we from mirroring the Taliban when they destroyed ancient statues in the desert because they offended Muslim sensibilities?

Progressivism is the most intolerant of religions. History tells us so. If we don’t erase it first.

Useful Idiots, indeed.


Cheryl said...

Someone who makes sense.

Practical Parsimony said...

While I abhor racism, I do not destroying things that offend. I have talked about the same things--destroying images.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I had the thought, seeing Jackson's statue being attacked, that I was being forced to impotently watch something monstrous, like having your wife raped in front of you.

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