June 26, 2020

A thousand monkeys sitting at a thousand keyboards

I’m off to have some bloodwork done this morning. Nothing critical, just routine after my virtual doctor visit Wednesday.  Since I have to be fasting for some of the tests, it will be a hungry morning. I have to drive over to the really nice suburb just west of me to get the labs done. I couldn’t get in the one down the street.

It looks like a spate of hot weather and rain will move in later and throughout next week. My lawn doesn’t really need mowed, but after a week of rain it will be exceptionally high. Do I cut it or not?  These are the hard decisions I make about life these days.

In other news, it is Friday. I skipped right over the customary news sites this morning. There is no use getting my blood pressure up.

In celebration, how about we depart from my usual classic rock and listen to some classic country for our Friday music selection this morning?

Hearing no dissent, I offer up some Hank Jr.:

Have a great Friday, amigos.


Anonymous said...

I'll take that offer. Jr. anytime.

Practical Parsimony said...

Hank Jr. is always welcome.

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