July 12, 2020

A 16 x 16 paver is heavy

It appears I neglected to blog yesterday. I hope you are OK. Were the withdrawal DTs bearable?

I spent the day hard at work around the house. I mowed and trimmed. I dug out earth and laid some pavers for the deck box. And then I trimmed up some wayward bushes and trees. I was pooped. While temperatures did not hit 90, 89 and humid was close enough.

I retired over to the swing to cool down and rest. I decided I would reward my hard work with a giant cup of ice water and a nice hand-rolled cigar. I’ve not had a smoke in more than a month. I was enjoying the serenity of the backyard, listening to the birds, relaxing in the gentle breeze as sweet smoke drifted away. I saw some movement near the privacy fence gate. It was just a squirrel scurrying across the patio to climb the big willow.

It was the western sky that really caught my attention. Dark and ominous clouds were heading my way. I grabbed the cushions from the patio furniture and stashed them in the aforementioned deck box. I gathered sundry tools and put them away. I rolled up the hose. I tossed my half-smoked stogie into the dormant garden and lowered the garage door just minutes before a steady rain started to fall.

Had the tree rat not shot across my vision,I might not have noticed the incoming rain until I was wet.

Oh, and the tip of my left index finger is bruised purple where I smashed it with a paver. Slovenly Soldier.

Have a great Sunday.

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