July 10, 2020

I cannot believe how boring this blog is

It is Friday. That means nothing to me these days. It is but another day. We won’t crack 90 today, according to the weather babe, the first time in a while. It appears the promised rain failed to materialize last night. I wish now I had watered the flowers. There is still a chance for precipitation this morning. We shall see.

The grandgirls are staying overnight for a sleepover this evening. The oldest already has the evening planned: pizza, popcorn and a movie. The one year-old sister will just go with the flow. Since she started walking, she has been a handful. In a good way. She is very busy. I’ll put it that way.

I through some chicken breasts on the grill last night, hitting them with a nice rub about 20 minutes before grilling and finishing with BBQ sauce at the end. I sliced some potatoes thin and wrapped them in foil with onion and chunks of cheddar cheese and grilled that too. Some canned baked beans rounded out a simple and delicious supper.

In other news I have nothing.

Have a great Friday.


squeeky's mom said...

You understand that most of our lives are just as boring. I'm going with chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight using a hunk of turkey found in the freezer. After 4 months I'm really starting to get tired of my cooking. You could find your mothers lemon cake recipe for those of us who bake. Just a suggestion. Enjoy the grandkids as they grow up way too fast.

Practical Parsimony said...

Everything is boring if your expectations are too high. We keep reading.

Ed Bonderenka said...

You got your grandkids.
That's a blessing.

Jean said...

You're quite the creative chef.

Supposed to reach 95 here with the heat index of 100.
Have I mentioned I hate summer?

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