July 25, 2020

What a mess

I was all jazzed up to watch the Cubs on Opening Day last evening. I turned on the TV and got the “no signal” message. Checked the company website and there was an outage in my area. Crap.

I did watch the game on my phone, but that wasn’t the same. At midnight the service was still out.

Got up this morning and still no internet or TV. Called Metronet. The TV came on after pushing this and replugging that. I thought I was good to go. Watched a recording and went to check emails. No internet. Called back. Pushed this and replugged that. I now have WiFi. Sat down and promptly  lost the signal on the TV. I am now rebooting the cable box. I am also quickly losing patience.

I guess I have to call again.  Grrr.

Edit.  All fixed


Ed Bonderenka said...

Wasn't that fun?
Now imagine you were about to go on air live from your studio at home.

Jean said...

Sometimes I really hate those cable people.

hey reacher... said...

35 teachers in our building will be live streaming to the students who don’t come to school. And each student at school will be using their newly assigned chrome book, (that we were going to slowly break them in on in April and May). Your Big Box ain’t got enough geeks to handle what a cluster this is going to be! And this old dog’s gotta learn al this new stuff.

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