September 24, 2020

By the way, that isn’t a Confederate kepi

One thing you have to say about the modern era of television is that in general the theme songs for shows lack a certain pizzazz.  The dut dut from Law and Order might give us a classic sense of time and place but I guess that is more through decades of hearing it. I would argue the same for the Simpsons appropriately frantic theme song. 

No it was in the halcyon days of TV, when we all had but three or four choices on what to watch that the theme song needed to draw in precious viewers. Oh my, there were some classic tunes from Peter Gun to Rawhide and Gilligan and The Brady Bunch. How about that snare drum from Hogan’s Heroes?

For me it was the action shows that provided the best intro and exit music. Who can deny he exquisite nature of the themes for Jonny Quest (natch), Tarzan or this one:

Do you have a favorite TV Theme Song?


Scott said...

The Fugitive 1963-1967.

Unknown said...


Jon Moore

Ed Bonderenka said...

The A Team just leapt to mind, but The Andy Griffith Show just came in after that.

Unclezip said...

Law and Order was never worth watching, once you noticed that every single perp was white.

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