September 7, 2020

I Can still recall

 Happy Monday that feels like a Sunday. It may rain here at the old homestead today. It might not. It is certainly cloudy. 

We are nearing the end of a long boring weekend. Nothing of interest is on tap for today either. 

I was going to write a follow-up post to yesterday’s effort, but I suspect most of you experienced that glazed over “ oh no it’s history” look in your eye as soon as you saw the headline and I can’t afford to lose any more readers with even more of that stuff. Trust me, I know that look. I get it from my wife n a routine basis every time I share an interesting fact, anecdote, or story. It is the “I don’t care” look. 

Oh, she pretends to pay attention. She loves me after all. But she really doesn’t care. I’m OK with that. 

So it is Labor Day. Let’s celebrate the hard work we do by taking a day off. I’m not sure why we don’t celebrate Labor Unions on May Day like the rest of the world, perhaps because we try to cover the historical connections between labor unions and the godless Communists. They also celebrate May Day. 

Lest I become too antagonistic and belligerent I will stop there.

How about we offer up some bad seventies music instead. 

Good luck getting that one out of your head.

Have a great day.


Jean said...

You're the reason my interest in history has grown since I started reading your blog.

Practical Parsimony said...

I always mention to Tommy what you say. He continues to talk for 15 or 20 minutes. I am very much not into history and it shows in my knowledge. Now, I know more history than most people, but not as much as you and Tommy. It galls me to be so ignorant. I usually read about whatever you talk about for an hour or so. Of course, it probably slips right out of my mind.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I like the history.

robert orians said...

My genius favorite cousin attended Ohio State majoring in history. He spent 12 years there and could have been a professor at any college in the land. Unfortunately he didn't like working . His only job was as a part-time postal delivery on a rural route . But he would set our minds on fire when we would have all night poker/game parties with his stories rooted in American history . He instilled a love of true history in me that persists to this day . He spent his last happy days on earth out in my forest here in the rolling hills of Ohio sitting in a deer stand doing what he loved most . I left the stand up in that old Black Walnut tree as a memorial to him and it is now grown into the tree . I went back there a few years after his death and there were 7 big Whitetails standing between the river and the stand tree and they were all looking up at that old stand as if remembering that great white hunter Larry Beckel . It felt other worldly as I had prayed that Larry would find salvation before leaving us and I asked for a sign .

Joe said...

I am certain the world is a less interesting place without your cousin in it.

I love history. It is better than any fiction you can name, because any story you know already happened in real life previously. You just have to find the historical account.

Why schools make it so boring escapes me. It doesn’t have to be.

I wish I had the capacity to make history come alive like some historians I have known.

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