September 8, 2020

I was against being for it before I was for being against it

So here we are on a Tuesday that feels like a Monday.

I know, there is not a lot of originality going here so far this week. Mea Culpa. But there is some Latin, so don’t we all feel just a bit smarter? 

I see old Joe and Kahhmalaaaa have now decided they are in favor of fracking, at least until the next speech. Joe kinda sorta spoke out against rioters. Has Kahhmalaaa asked for her money back from the rioter bail fund? It’s hard to be against something you have supported with your money you got from taxpayers. If only we could generate power from Joe’s ever-changing positions we would never need to adopt the job killing, economic crippling, society destroying Green New Deal. One could get whiplash trying to follow that guy. 

You think Grandpa Joe’s wife is worried about the Veep candidate? She has slept her way to power before. Allegedly, wink, wink. Maybe Kahhmalaaaa thinks one romp with old Gropy Fingers is all she will need to get the Chief Executive spot after the election. She will succeed him if he keels over. 

What? Any more over the line than claiming a former Veep candidate wasn’t the mother of her own child? 

I see an anarchists asshole caught himself on fire trying to firebomb something with a Molotov cocktail. Boo hoo, I’m am so sad. Dang, I guess the sarcasm font isn’t working again. 

On that happy note, have a good Tuesday.


Greybeard said...

Burn victims used to make an uncomfortable smell in my EMS helicopter.
That's one I would have enjoyed smelling.
He's in for a LOT OF pain for a LONG time.

Cappy said...

Keep up the good work, Joe. I'll be in Indy soon to see my grandson.

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