September 15, 2020

HGTV meets the Comedy Channel

Imagine a buffoon who buys an old mansion to fix up. His misadventures are so expensive, he has to start selling off pieces of his property to pay for repairs. At one point he sells off his driveway! Then he builds another drive, only to inadvertently sell off that parcel too! This guy is so incompetent, Mr. Blandings is laughing and pointing. It all sounds like a hilarious plot summary of a sitcom, replete with a laugh track.

Sadly, it is true, and Joe Biden is the laughable loser in this tale. Yes, that Joe Biden. The serial plagiarist, truth-stretcher, and bumbling buffoon who can’t stop groping and sniffing the hair of unwilling females. You know, the guy who wants to regulate your life as you know it from existence. 

He will start with your guns, move to your car, and fuel, mess with energy production, dictate equal outcomes instead of opportunity through grievance politics, raise your taxes while accepting handfuls of cash for his family from the Chinese, Ukrainians,and anyone else who wants to pay to play. Biden, the guy who has sucked at the taxpayer test for more than fifty years, but wants to tell us how private business ought to work. That Biden.

The guy who couldn’t flip that old DuPont manor now wants to bring his brand of incompetence to America’s mansion. That is one crap show I could skip seeing. 


Anonymous said...

Since your economic and job status is improved so greatly in the last 4 years be sure and vote for the refuckitupagains for sure. Wink wink

Joe said...

My personal economic situation has nothing to do with the President, rather the decisions of some hard-headed Germans who own the company I worked for.

The ongoing situation can be traced to over-reaching regulations from local and state officials who destroyed the economy over a pandemic that isn’t.

Pre-Covid economics proves the lowering of taxes and reduction of regulations gives a robust economy.

Feel free to present facts to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

So is running up a deficit. U can live a great life living on credit. Until u can't pay thebill. The economy was humming before. And if your company was trying to do a contract with Mexico while the tariffs were going on. Yes it was an impact. And you are not the only one I know who has had trouble employment pretty covid. Wake up. Rich boys getting rich. Common people are getting buried.

hey teacher... said...

At the beginning I thought you might have been talking about tRump and his bankruptcies, but then you started spouting Hannityisms left and right, (well, really just right, right, right).

BTW Is your daughter still in the education system? We’re having a dandy time down here in southern Indiana with kids getting sick from the non-pandemic

Joe said...

I shouldn’t have made the hyperbole comment about the “pandemic that isn’t” . Of course it is. My own kid was very sick from the virus.

The death toll here in Hoosierdom is much lower than expected, hardly more than the seasonal flu, thus I chafe under the restrictions.

Yes, my daughter is still in education. Her school is virtual until October. I think she secretly would like to return to the classroom, but alas, I think that would be a large pay cut.

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