September 21, 2020

I do not possess the vocabulary to describe how vile this notion is

Those of you who think Donald a Trump has destroyed all civilized governmental norms, how do reconcile that Pelosi indicated she would be willing to impeach (again) the President, if that kept the Senate from moving on filling the open SCOTUS position? The last impeachment effort was based on politics, and if they do it again it will be for something even lower. 

We are already moving into the realm of a Banana Republic, and despite the teeth gnashing, hair pulling, and garment rendering antics of the TDS crowd, it is the Democrat Party that is taking us there. Talk of packing the Supreme Court and impeaching whomever Trump gets installed, are all but a hop and skip from palace coups and murdering your former political rivals. I expect Pelosi to have herself named a Colonel any day now. She is probably having a gold-laced uniform designed over at Lord and Taylor right now.

What happened to actually needing a high crime or misdemeanor to impeach someone? I guess for the Democrats, not toeing the liberal line is a crime in itself. 

I was wrong Saturday to advocate waiting to fill the Court vacancy.  The Democrat’s have made it clear they will do anything to gain power. Leading Dems have promised to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices until they can get enough to pass their agenda through judicial fiat.There is no doubt they would fill a similar vacancy sans thought. Mitch needs to move and promise any lukewarm Repub that coveted committee position can be filled by more dependable stalwarts, you know, people with backbone. 

I know why the modern progressive wants to erase history. The Soviets murdered fifty million to bring about the Socialist Utopia. Mao disappeared probably twice that. Pol Pot and Castro were mere pikers killing a mere ten or twenty million combined. Who knows how many have been purged by the Frich’s Big Boy and his minions in North Korea, but it is not an inconsiderate number. The history of progressivism is an ugly thing. Best we hide it and eliminate those who can remember. 

The leftists seem determined to bring about a Civil War that will make the Serbs and Bosnians and even Spain look at the former United States and shudder at our viciousness. The last time we went at each other more than a half a million died. It took another fifty years and a world war to heal the wounds. 

Trust me, the man-bunned asshole driving the Prius with a ‘coexist’ bumper sticker gets it first. 


squeeky's mom said...


Anonymous said...

So you judge someone by the car they drive and their hairstyle. Says something doesn't it? You rant about Pelosi but see nothing wrong with the vanishing lines of executive, judicial, and legislative. Says everything.

Joe said...

I guess you missed the posts decrying both Obama and Trump legislating via executive fiat. I also have commented time and again about the Court magically finding “Rights” that do not exist, taxes that aren’t taxes, and attempting to rationalize that the US should utilize international law in lieu of the Constitution - the Supreme Law of the Land. I have long lamented the failure of courts to observe the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, and their attempts to interpret the Second as something other than what it says. Now they are finding ways to rationalize the First Amendment with silly and clearly Unconstitutional hate speech laws.

Because I didn’t cover your pet talking point today, doesn’t mean I haven’t addressed it in the past. There is a decade and a half of opinion over there on the right.

The Left is certain old white guys like me are responsible for society’s ills. I prefer to think everything is the fault of man-bun guy and Birkenstock girl.

Opinions/assholes. All stink but mine. That is just the way things are around here. I’m not sorry ‘ bout that.

Anonymous said...

The comment was meant to make you aware of your surface prejudice. How you judge people without knowing their true person. How you assume old and white means one thing and young with man bun means another. You pigeon hole people and are prejudice. It closes your mind to being accepting of others and allows the fear rhetoric being dribbled out to accept things that are not acceptable.

Joe said...

It must be sad to go through life looking to always be offended and outraged.

Lighten up, Francis

Anonymous said...

Offended and outraged is more your style by the tone of your "post". I'm going more for enlightment and harmony. Excuse me while I put on my birkenstocks, adjust my bun, and drive my prius to my hot yoga class and align my karma after having read your venting. ...... gotcha. Lmfao.

Cappy said...

God bless Indiana!

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