September 19, 2020

some of you are not going to like this opinion

Whoo boy it is a chilly 39 F here at the old homestead today. I’m not ready for that. The granddaughter has a soccer game this morning. I think I’ll actually have to don jeans and a jacket. Luckily, it is supposed to warm up later next week. Winter needs to hold off. That non-working furnace is still sitting in place waiting for a miracle chunk O’cash to show up in my bank account. 

I’ve had a post idea swirling in my brain pan for a while. Last night, while sleeping, the prose pretty much wrote itself in my head. 

This is not that post.

The probably lengthy entry is going to need research and facts and effort to back up the words. I will enjoy it, but only about three of you will find it interesting. Three fourths of my ten readers will mutter TLDR and click over to Dilbert or porn, or a blog that is actually interesting. The last few of you will see a history post, try to read it, and fall asleep, drooling on your keyboards. I dunno. You will know if and when I actually get down to the work. In the meantime, my blogging ennui guarantees you keep getting space fillers like this pseudo-effort.

One last political thought on this wonderful Saturday morning. RBG is dead. I think she was legally wrong on so many cases. In fact, Ed sums it up precisely. Nonetheless, may she Rest In Peace. 

The President should not nominate a replacement and the Senate should not hold hearings nor vote on approval for a candidate should a Trump do so. We are but weeks from the election. Leave the hypocrisy to the Democrats. They are much better at it based on long practice.

Besides, it is a great campaign message: vote for Trump and get another Constitutional originalist on the SCOTUS. It garnered Trump many votes last time and might prove a winning message yet again. 


Ed Bonderenka said...

I disagree on a nominee now, but Mitch doesn't have the votes anyway it sseems.
Thanks for the link.

squeeky's mom said...

Heretic statement, don't like Dilbert, have no interest in porn, hate replacing keyboard due to drool and I think I've read everything you put on your blog to the end since I've been here. Love history and don't understand how children nowadays don't know anything about what came before them. Like you, I disliked RBG opinions on many things and will not miss her one whit. She was Jewish but it's their New Year so her funeral will probably be on Monday. Tuesday morning Trump should announce his pick to replace her. I think it will be a game changer for many on the fence voters. My opinion and that with $2.99 will get you a large glass of sweet tea. Oh, when the miracle cash shows up please send some down her to Ky for my still non-functioning AC.

Joe said...

I thank you both for being long time readers.

I anticipate many will not agree with me on this one

Melissa said...

The only problem I see leaving it open is that when Trump wins the election and they try to over turn it - We will not have to votes on the SC to stop their madness.

Anonymous said...

RBG gave woman many rights and freedoms. She stood for rights even if she wasn't on the right. I wish I could open your eyes to the evil and wrong in this administration but that doesn't seem possible. So I will pray and vote and hope for the best while I cry and grieve for the loss of our country's soul and compassion.

Joe said...

Less government, lower taxes, conservative judges. Nothing evil there for me.

I will take your prayers, I could use all the help I can get.

Anonymous said...

Self serving corrupt non democratic government, huge deficiet,pocket judges, seems evil to me. Over 200k dead to a "hoax" virus and more dying not to mention long term effects,racism and sexism increasing, income equality on the exponential,..... we are all going to need the prayers.

Anonymous said...

Trump should do the replacement nominee NOW! This way it will again show We The People what dicks the Democrats really are. pelosi is already stating she is going to start impeachment proceedings against Trump. For what? The Dems will make something up. Maybe even write a tell-all book. LOL!

Greybeard said...

If he does not nominate and get a confirmation, the SC will be 4/4, and the election will be a bigger farce than Bush/Gore.
He MUST nominate.
The Senate MUST confirm.
Or we go to war.

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