October 8, 2020

And you thought I wouldn’t say anything

As near as I can tell from the two debates the only two things we know about the Biden/Harris platform is that They will raise taxes on Day One and they won’t be Trump. 

Trump handled Coronavirus wrong, but neither articulates what they would hav done differently. 

They refuse to answer if they support an unprecedented packing of the Supreme Court (thus they do support the proposal, but know the voters hate the idea). 

They may or may not support the Green New Deal, depending on the audience. 

They will get tough on China, except remove Trump’s trade policies. Um, OK. 

They won’t infringe on your Second Amendment rights except banning guns, ammunition, and promising to confiscate scary plastic rifles. 

They won’t encroach on your First Amendment rights except banning speech they find offensive. 

They want to know if Trump will respect the outcome of the election while promising to litigate, litigate, litigate until they are declared the winner. 

And they will raise taxes. Of that there is no doubt. They have promised.

If I was in charge, I’d spend the next debate asking Biden if he supported packing the Court,  no matter what the question. Health care — “ Do you support packing the Court?” . Corona virus — “Do you support packing the Court?”. Do the ridiculous virtual thing, just eliminate Sleepy Joes ability to debate using cue cards; just focus on packing the court until Creepy Joe answers the question. 

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