October 10, 2020

Do, do, do, looking out my back door

Rest assured, the coffee situation has been rectified. The el cheapo Target brand is steaming in my mug as I type. I have long opined that if the fancy coffee places or craft breweries that are all the rage depended upon me for success none would exist. I like plain black coffee and ordinary American lager beer. For the hoi poloi my tastes may be rather pedestrian, but you should have discerned long ago I am about the basics, not the pretense. But if you like a double caramel Frappuccino or an extra-hopped IPA, good for you. Enjoy. We don’t have to agree. 

It looks to be a gorgeous day here in Hoosierdom. I have yard work to do. The garage needs cleaned out in preparation for winter. I might find a few minutes to sit on the patio and ponder my blessings and read a bit in the sunshine. Nothing stirs your soul like watching the leaves turn.

Soon those leaves will be on the ground crying for a rake. For now, I can enjoy their beauty. 

Have a great Saturday, mon amis.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful trees.

Joe said...

Merci beaucoup

Jean said...

I don't get it. We are seeing only the fewest of the leaves on the tips of the trees barely changing color yet. I guess it hasn't been cold enough yet? If so, I can wait. I'll enjoy yours.

Greybeard said...

We buy the WalMart "Donut Shop" Arabica coffee.
It is inexpensive (Or cheap) and wonderful.
Visitors leave our home and are converted.

Joe said...

Jean, I cheated a little. That hard maple turns early. Just a little left is another tree, leaves green as a August. The maple in the front yard is a light green at best, still weeks away from turning while the Bradford pears will hold on until a December.

Graybeard, the Walmart morning blend (yellow box) is my favorite coffee and I choose it above any other brand, expensive or cheap. Alas, we were at a Target, and I wanted coffee without driving across town to a Walmart.

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