October 20, 2020


Good morning comrades. 

I’m just practicing for when the Commies Democrats take charge.

It is chilly here at the homestead. The furnace fairy still hasn’t made an appearance to put heat into our household. 

I’ve decided o use the day lilys in the flower beds for life inspiration. Two of them in particular should be emulated (one in the front flower bed, one in back). * These hardy plants show up every day, doing their thing, still putting forth their bright yellow flowers despite frost, freezing temperatures, cloud cover, and cold rain. Even still this morning, October 20, each has a little yellow flower pointing at the sky, holding out for one more warm day. The day lily, optimistic to the end. Trees have lost their leaves, the geraniums and begonias have given up. Their neighboring lilys, dormant. Not these guys — they never give up. Heck, Churchill would admire these plants.

I feel inspired.

*The wife loves day  lilys 

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Practical Parsimony said...

I love lilies, too, especially Naked Ladies. Look it up.

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