October 21, 2020

If you’re gonna let me eat cake, I’ll take a slice of lemon

I cooked up some beef and noodles for supper last night. Since that is my favorite meal, I was a happy boy. After dinner it started in raining. It rained hard. We had thunder and lightning. It was a regular April thunderstorm in October that continued throughout the night. I always sleep well when I’m a little cold and when it is raining. Last night was both together, so I slept deeply and long. I sure didn’t want to get up when the wife’s alarm beeped me awake this morning. 

I’m covering the midday shift at the big box today. I’m back to the opening shift again for the weekend and all next week. I’m telling you now, you won’t be getting your morning dose here at the old blog next week. Brace yourself and prepare for withdrawals, unless I find the wherewithal to can a post or two. You will be OK. Take a spin down memory lane in the archives if you need to. They are located over on the right, unless I change the template in the future. Then future you might find the archives on the left. But future you knew that because you are reading this post from the archives, which means you’ve already found them...

My head hurts.

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