October 23, 2020

Tax the Rich. You are Rich.

I got a flu shot yesterday. My shoulder is a little sore. 

Yesterday was gorgeous. Temps pushed into the low eighties. I raked some leaves, and sat on the patio and enjoyed a cigar before firing up the grill to cook some thin ribeyes to make sandwiches for supper. It is still relatively warm today. I may try to mow one more time, should the rain hold off this morning. 

My wife, who is pretty much non-political, points out just how biased the media has become. After the debate last night the local station did a “fact check” of candidates claims.  They examined something aTrump said and declared it “mostly false”. A statement by Biden was declared to b “half true”. The connotation is obvious. The wife just shook her head and said “They don’t even try to be evenhanded anymore, do they?”. 

As near as I can tell, Biden is trotting out huge old Democrat playbook. Here is pretty much his platform:

Why not? At least it is a righteous tune.

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