October 22, 2020

King Cnut and the problem with Thorkill Longbeard

Sunny! Warm! A great day! Lots of exclamation points! 

I may even rake some leaves today, providing they are not too wet. Or not. I shall let whim dictate my activities today.

Speaking of doing things on a whim, I have decided to grow a beard. I am sure I’ll stick with it until the beard gets to that itchy, scratchy stage about three days from now. Perhaps I’ll just let it go. I last had a beard back in college, so it will be interesting. That time I went full Amish — beard, no ‘stache. This time I’ll go for the whole thing. Unfortunately, some three decades plus since I last had facial hair,  I’m afraid the beard will be white, not dark and curly. 

There is a debate tonight. So I’ve heard. If you’re not sure which way to vote, then you should watch. If I want to watch stupid arguments I will turn in to Love it or List It.


Cappy said...

Dang hippies taking over everything.

Joe said...

Fret not, I’ll get bored with it in about four days

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