November 9, 2020

All the leaves are brown

Monday, Monday. Another work week is upon us. Yes I’m mixing my Mommas and Pappas today. So it goes. I had Saturday off so I spent the morning doing pretty much nothing, if you call reading and watching TV nothing. Then I got off the couch and cleaned the garage. I raked the leaves in the front yard. I sat on the patio and had a beer and a good cigar in the mild sunshine and Indian summer warmth.  

The yard was completely covered again Sunday afternoon. Sigh.

Sunday, I worked all day. It was very busy and customers were in a surly unpleasant mood. Likely disgruntled over the stolen election, I suppose. 

Hoosiers went to the polls in record numbers this year, with 60%+ voting. That turnout was nothing compared to blue cities in battleground states where turnout topped 90%. You know, where they still can’t figure out how to count. You know, where nearly every vote somehow goes to Biden. You know, where turnout was even higher than for Obama. Who knew minorities supported Basement Joe even more than the first African-American to run for President. But there is nothing fishy there move on, brother, move on. 

That’s the way it is. The courts are never going to intervene and precipitate a civil war and righties are not going to start it without clear and definitive proof the media and politicians will never supply. Suck it up and pray for a Republican victory in the Georgia senatorial runoffs. A gridlocked Congress is a good thing.

Get out your indelible marker and put a big X through the words in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments as Sleepy Joe issues national mask mandates and shuts down the economy. But China won’t mind, those payoffs to the Biden family will get results as China Joe gets rid of the Trump tariffs as a measure to “kick start” the economy. Gotta fill those Walmart shelves after weeks of being stuck at home, people. 

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Never give up. Never surrender.

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