November 10, 2020

creeping up on 1066

Today marks yet another September-like day with temperatures in the upper seventies. Like I have over the past four days, I raked the leaves in the front yard. It is a waste of time since the neighbors on either side don’t rake theirs at all so they blow into my yard. So it goes. 

The warm weather is supposed to move out with a cold front later tonight, followed by more seasonal weather. I’m ok with that too. It doesn’t matter if I’m not, does it?

Sorry, this just cracks me up:

I guess they didn’t follow their own rules.


Practical Parsimony said...

I cannot figure out what any of this has to do with happenings that led up to or has anything to do with 1066. ???

Joe said...

And you never will

Joe said...

1066 has nothing to do with the post

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