November 18, 2020

he lives

 I’m alive. 

Nothing to report. I’ve had the very early shift again the past few days. Now, lucky you, it is a rare evening post. 

Not that I have anything to say. I just hate the idea of not posting. Damn you Acidman for instilling those blogging habits. Of course the Acidman has been dead for a very long time and likely would have migrated to Facebook  and twitter anyway like most of he old bloggers. I suspect many of you have no clue who the Acidman was.  I’m still here though: 6,900+ posts into this thing. More than a million visitors over 15 years. 

Thanks for reading. I mean that.


Ed Bonderenka said...

No prob.

Jean said...

Do you really think Acidman would have migrated to FB?
I think he might have raged against it.

Cappy said...

Acidman was The Man!

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