November 19, 2020

No wilting flower

Tough. That is the only description. I take inspiration. When even the mums on the covered porch have started to die from the frost and cold, this day lilly just keeps chugging along. 

This was taken yesterday evening. I think this flower could be the inspiration to keep us going through the coming Bidenstan Bolshevism and Kahmela Kommunism about to descend upon us. 

Oh, and you middle-of-the grounders who didn’t vote right because Trump does mean tweets; good luck when the government lackeys raise your taxes and come after your guns. Biden promised he would. You get what you vote for.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Wow. My tiger lilies bloom for two weeks in early August and then unbloom.

Practical Parsimony said...

I love it how some flowers hang on. Is it near something that serves as a heat sink? something like a brick wall, rocks, etc?

Joe said...

There is a row of these between the sidewalk leading to the porch and the garage. This is the last one in the row, furthest from the porch. I guess it gets a tiny bit more sun, but is also more exposed to the elements.

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