November 6, 2020

Recapping the updates

It appears we will have a Sleepy Joe Presidency. 

I think the vote was more a repudiation of Trump than an embrace of the Democratic platform as evidenced by the gains in the house and in State-level governments. The Senate will hinge on the Georgia run-offs and that will clearly give credence to my theory. Or not. 

The good news is we can expect an end to the Wuhan flu as soon as Biden takes office. He has a plan to defat it, he told us so, and exit polls indicate the Corona is the largest issue in voting. Be careful of what you wish for.

Here’s what we can look forward to:


Cheryl said...

I agree that people voted against Trump not for Biden. I believe he won't last 6 months before the democrats deem him unable to lead and put Harris as the President. If we could ever put in a candidate that cares about this country and could lead but that is a fairy tale.

Practical Parsimony said...

I think anything works as long as Trump is not in charge. But, I do expect trouble from him. We can handle it. I doubt Harris will be in charge, but I think she will have undue influence on policy. But, that can be handled, too.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Repudiation of Trump, my pasty white overweight butt. The naked, unhinged lengths of illegal and fraudulent behavior to which the left has gone to get to this point has been spectacular. Go read the Larry Correia piece I linked on my blog.

Biden (and Commielala who will replace him almost immediately) will be as illegitimate a president as they tried to claim both W and Trump were. Difference is, W and Trump were entirely legitimate despite the attempts at fraud on the part of the Democrats.

Greybeard said...

Whoever was working to cast complete doubt on our elections system has succeeded.
Why should I vote?
To quote a very famous lady, "At this point what difference would that make?"
Our republic is done.
I fear we are going to war.
And I'm prepared.

Barb said...

I dont care about the Senate. Biden will reverse all.the horrible executive orders and orders rescinded over the past four years and frankly if he never does anything but that and promise to never screw with my health care that would be enough. At least he acknowledges that not only does covid exist, but its not getting better. Mark meadows tested positive for Covid a second time, what kind of madhouse are they running over there. Covid is of primary concern because of jobs. We have a run in Colorado and things will close again. I just wanna know why states don't do like Colorado and count the mail ins when the arrive already.

Joe said...
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Joe said...

Barb, the only people who screwed with your healthcare were the fucking Democrats with their onerous ObamaCare. They are responsible for the high deductibles and lousy coverages.

NO ONE has said they are going to take away your healthcare. NO ONE.

And BTW if the ACA is so great why is Biden promising to replace it with something “better”?

I spect to see a comment from you when you gas prices go back to $4 a gallon when we start buying all of our oil from the OPEC again.

Wake up and stop falling for the propaganda they trot out every election. For goodness sake you also probably believe Republicans want to feed your grandma dog food.

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