November 1, 2020

Saturday Night

 The wife and I were on the couch last night watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. 

There were these most unlikeable characters. They were blue blood, snobby, “your off the rack dress looks nice on you, dear”, crumpets and caviar, “the maid did a wonderful job decorating the tree this year” types. 

The wife adjusted her blanket and stretched her feet towards the space heater and said “I could never stand to be rich and be around stuck-up people like that”.

I looked at her and replied “There’s no f-ing danger of that, Charlotte”.

And that is why we have been married more than 36 years.


Cappy said...

I was downtown, working for the FBI.

Joe said...

Sitting in a nest of bad men
Whiskey bottles piling high

hey teacher said...

Temperatures starting to rise...

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