November 2, 2020

Hitting the home stretch

I’ve retreated to my office with the space heater running. I figure I can get moderately warm in that confined space. The rest of the house is a chilly 52F. I’m looking out the window anxiously awaiting the arrival of the HVAC man. The wife went to the grandgirls to babysit there today. The current inside temperatures are too cold for the girls, especially the 18 month old who refuses to leave on her socks.

Last night was the coldest night of fall so far. The good news is temperatures are expected to moderate this week, reaching back with to the seventies by the weekend. No matter, we have to have a furnace. 

In other news, it seems that in addition to new brakes and tires, the wife’s our car needs a transmission overhaul/replacement. The repair costs are quickly escalating past the value of a 2012 model car with 119,000+ miles. 

Life happens. There is no point in crying about it. I maintain an only slightly wavering faith that things work out like they should. 

Blogging will be sporadic the balance of the week. You will not get your accustomed morning post unless I put one in the can for future publishing. I have the very early shift (5:30AM) every Day Tuesday through Friday. I might post in the afternoon or not. Check back ten or twelve times a day to be sure. 

If you remain unsure how to vote I’m afraid nothing I write will sway you. 

The wife summed it up for me. She said she isn’t voting for Trump. She is voting for the Republicans because the leftist tilt of the Democrats is just too much. Plus, she thinks Harris is a real bitch. And my wife rarely swears. 


Anonymous said...

I’m guessing you must be better off than you were four years ago, so that’s good. Enjoy the new HVAC. I know it will feel great.

Practical Parsimony said...

As I get older, I am less tolerant of the cold, so I understand the need for heat right now.

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