November 20, 2020

The Election for President is next month

One would think that since Biden has a law degree, spent his whole life in Washington, and ostensibly will be POTUS, he wold understand Consttutiooal Law just a smidgeon. It was reported on the National news yesterday he and his team are so frustrated with Trump’s refusal to concede that Biden is considering going to court.

For what? There is no law that indicates Trump must work on a transition. He is POTUS until January 20, like it or not. None of his powers are reduced. He does not need to concede legally. Just ask Stacy Abrams.

More to the point, the election for President has not even occurred. Many States have not finished the counting, they have not certified the results. The Electors do not meet to vote for President until December 14th.

If I know that (and I didn’t sleep n a Holiday Inn Express last night), wouldn’t we expect Biden to understand?  


Cappy said...

"Lower your expectations"

The Acidman

Scott said...

Just following Hillary's advice to not concede. Works both ways, right?

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