November 3, 2020

Win some, Lose some

After work I drove on past the house a half mile or so to my polling place. There weren’t many cars in the church lot. There was no sign of Proud Boys or Antifa looking to make trouble. No protests. No riots. I moseyed in and there was exactly  one person voting. No line at all. Poll workers outnumbered voters by about five to one. I jumped behind the machine, did my civic duty and was out of there in less than five minutes including showing my ID and digitally signing in.

Thanks to everyone who voted early making my trip to the polls smooth, quick, and easy.

Unfortunately, the lack of an hours-long wait to vote left plenty of time to rake leaves.

It's important to pay good attention to the election signs in the front yards. Last time I voted for a real estate agent.

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Cheryl said...

I live in Butler, PA and my son waited for 2 hours to vote. Our population is around 7-8,000. I think they were all voting.

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