December 18, 2020

Do you hear what I hear?

The day is off to a cold start this December Friday..I had the closing shift last night and again today.  Then I have the midday shift over the weekend. Whatever. 

I'm a bit sore and achy this morning. My old shoulder injury from pitching baseball has returned in recent months.  I guess that torn rotator cuff did not heal itself, even if it is a decade later. I should confess the shoulder injury was from pitching hundreds of balls every day to the boy when he was playing lots of baseball or maybe I have injured it again. Who knows? It doesn't matter. Ibuprofen will get me by. 

We still have several Christmas presents to get. I have purchased nothing at all for the wife. The granddaughters are done and that is what is most important. It will, by necessity, be a sparse Christmas this year. I am OK with that. It stresses the wife beyond measure. I keep telling her the kids and family don't mind, they know the score. But growing up exceedingly poor has marked her in many ways. She enjoys giving during the holidays, I guess because she never "got". She doesn't want stuff for herself, but she gets immense joy from watching others get gifts. 

I have so many favorite Christmas tunes it is a tough choice to find one to post here. I'm running out of days. I know you are waiting impatiently to see what music I will choose. I just know you are.

I notice I gravitate to the old singers from the sixties when I choose my Christmas music. I guess because my parents had a ton of the compilation Christmas albums from Firestone, or whatever. They were on constant rotation on the old giant stereo turntable in the living room all through the holidays. These tunes are the soundtrack of my Christmas memories. 

Have a great Friday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Naproxen Sulfate.

Joe said...

I'm alternating Aleve and Extra strength Tylenol

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