December 19, 2020

heading down the home stretch

A little snow lingers in the shaded parts of the yard; next to the house and along the fence. Otherwise it is just a bit soggy outside. Rain is expected today, but there is a chance for more snow on Thursday as a Christmas cold front moves in. 

Christmas music is softly playing in the background as I hunt and peck on the keyboard. I am desperately trying to get myself into the Holiday spirit with little success. I feel like I am going through the motions. I will resist the temptation to go all feel sorry for myself yet again. No one wants to read that garbage.

I have the 10-7 stretch at work today. If the last few days are an indication, it will be a long slow day. I would rather be busy than spend time on make-work. 

The coffee is hot. I got a good night's sleep. I have a wife who appears to love me. I have plenty to be Thankful for. You do too.

I cannot state with more stridency how much I loathe the Bing/Bowie version of The Little Drummer Boy. I won't play it here, rest assured..

Have a great Saturday.

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