January 3, 2021

Naked and Ugly

The Christmas stuff is coming down today. The lights have been off since New Year's day. As much as I enjoy the festive look the lights on the staircase, the house and the trees give the old homestead, the season is behind us. 

I received my $600 from the government. I'm thankful. It has helped us catch up on some past due bills. But I take great exception to Cocaine Mitch's assessment that this 600 bucks is "socialism for millionaires". Screw you, Mitch. Here is someone making taking taxpayer money nearly three times the median income of Americans as salary lecturing us plebes on his generosity? If he and the other Republicans think $600 makes much of a difference in the little people's lives, they are more out of touch than I imagined.

No, the Government can't afford the "payments". But what the politicians of both parties don't get is that the pork-laden bill should have returned money to Americans first, not studying transgender rats in outer Mongolia, or funding vaccines for the poor of Elbonia, or even sending cash to museums that no one can go to because we are in lock down. Why do the shitty airlines get another influx of my taxpayer greenbacks while the local restaurants, and small businesses go bankrupt like it is October 1929 all over again? I thought no one was too big to fail anymore? 

That money Congress is so quick to spend is not their money. It is my money. It is your money. It is our great grandkid's money. It is China's money. After decades of profligate spending, we are suddenly going all Mr. Potter on the American People?  

We are told things are two times worse because of the China virus than they were in the spring, yet suddenly we are only willing to help the average American half as much?

I last voted for a Democrat back in the 1990's when my neighbor ran for coroner. I have held my nose and voted for the Republicans, despite the party's innumerable flaws. But in this case, I may make sure I vote against my current Senators when the time comes. I don't care if I do help elect the next AOC or Bernie Sanders. 

Fuck 'em all. Rope and tree. None of them care about the American people. I have known it for a long time. 


Cappy said...

Stay off Farcebook.

You would be fact checked, Czeched, Slovaked, Blocked, blued screwed and tattooed because there is no Elbonia.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Now your getting it.

Practical Parsimony said...

Good post.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Listen to the first half of this.
We make the Mr Potter connection you made.
Great minds!

Erin O'Brien said...

Well then!

Hey Joe.

Joe said...


Long Time

I hope you are well

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