January 4, 2021

A post for today written in the past

I have the very early shift at work today. I will already be at work when you see this post. My schedule is strange this week. I start out opening and by Friday I will be closing, and working the midday shift in the middle of the week. I am thankful for the hours, even though it is a crappy low-paying retail gig. They are working hard to give me full-time hours even though I am a part-time employee. On the bright side, I have two Saturday's off in a row. I'm not sure how that has happened.

I would like to say I am sorry for going off on a rant against the ruling class yesterday. But I am not. I regret the curse words. Not the sentiment. Sometimes the only way to get a point across is to drop an F-bomb. 

It was my intention to post some music yesterday, not go off on the jackanapes that occupy Washington. Here is one of my favorites:

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