January 13, 2021

Switching gears

Enough politics. 

What else is going on? I am still drastically under-employed. Looking, applying, praying without success. 

The Colts lost a playoff game they could easily have won. That is sports. The Cubs are reverting to historical suck mode. They gave the fans a taste of success. Now it appears the ownership will be content with mediocrity going forward. Like the Wrigley family and Tribune Companies before, the Ricketts have discovered they can make a lot of money off the fan base without spending for decent players. 

We continue to have a relatively mild winter so far. I think north Texas has now had more snow than we have. Crazy. I guess we really do need to ban cars, engines, oil, and plastic to battle globull warming. We all wish it was colder and snowier and more unpleasant in the winter. AmIRight? 

I reflect on my family and I remind myself yet again that I indeed have plenty to be thankful for.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

May I suggest a mentor or coach. What about your previous employment? Your job search is your job. You obviously need assistance, maybe you are reaching too low and that's what people are telling you in your interviews. Get some help stop trying to do it on your own.
And remember words matter. Mouse

Cheryl said...

Two words. Steelers-Pirates. Enough said

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