January 12, 2021

Not so deep or original thoughts

Funny innit, how all those lefties were all about defunding and ridding the world of the police until rioters* showed up at the Capitol? 

They sure liked having the boys in blue around then. 

*can we stop with the “insurrections” label? No one was trying to overthrow the government. They were trying to make a point and protest. They went about it wrong, but treason wasn’t in it. If that is insurrection, we better start rounding up a bunch of folks from last summer.


Anonymous said...

All you "law and order" people don't seem to have a problem when the mob was beating the crap out of the cops. It was an insurrection. You think the people with zip ties brought them to hold up their pants? They were thumping on cops they supposedly support what do you think they had in mind for pence, Pelosi, and Schumer? Reference your high school literature " Lord of the flies" and you will get your answer.

Anonymous said...

You are not helping with your lefty labels and snide comments about those that have different views than you. You have labeled pelosi and schumer like they are enemies of the state but if you look at some of their supporting legislation you would find that you do not always oppose it. This labeling and making people enemies is what is causing the problems. The reason the mob was there was to overturn the election results and stop the process. That is insurrection. Clear cut.
Stop making people with different points the enemy. Stop the labels. Stop the excuses. Stop the hate.
Words have consequences, words matter, and they do break bones regardless what the childhood rhythm says. They also kill.
Watch what you say, watch what u label, watch how you spew hate.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I have never heard hate as much as I have heard from leftists.

Practical Parsimony said...

My friend who was there said that overturning the government was the whole idea.

Don't paint with a broad brush. All of us "lefties" do not want to defund the police! Quite the opposite.

Joe said...

So here is the thing. I'm not trying to be helpful. I do not care if the political situation gets worse. Where were your lectures about civility and being kind when the Democrats were demonizing four years ago? Where where your lectures on civility and acceptance when the Democrats protested at the Trump inauguration? Where were you when Obama spied on the Trump campaign? Where is your lecture on the idiocy of democrats filing impeachment over Clinton campaign materials that maligned trump with Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense? Point me to your sermon calling for civility from Democrats anytime in the past four years.

Suddenly now you don't want labels? Sorry, it doesn't work that way. The lefties, progressives, liberals, Democrats did those things. Just like they used the IRS to go after conservatives under Obama. Imagine what the DEMOCRATS would have done should that have happened under Trump.

So no, I will not be kinder, nor gentler, nor refrain from naming names. Biden does not represent ANYTHING I stand for. The leftists in Congress certainly do not. I can think of very little legislation proposed by Pelosi or Schumer that I would agree with.

If it helps, I think of virtually every politician in both parties as pieces of power-hungry, corrupt dog feces.

I will not forego calling out hypocrisy, corruption, and jackassery just because it hurts your wittle feewings.

Save your silly "coexist" nonsense for the bumper sticker on your Prius.

Anonymous said...

You don't mind name calling? Hope you got thick skin for your current personal situation because their is lots of labels that would work well. Don't think they would hurt and sting?
Work on some personal development instead of politics, a topic you might have some payoff.
Put that on your bumper of your hawked auto.
Feeling anger. Guess words matter. ...and I was kind.

Barb said...

It certainly was sedition, enabled by members in congress. Their purpose was to disrupt the certification of an election, and in some cases cow members of congress into changing their votes, and even have no certification. They threatened basic democracy. Additionally they were involved in hand to hand combat with police officers and beat up police officers. Wanting to defund police departments or go back to more community policing has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to HARM, hurt or kill police officers or the military or anything else. It's really kind of amazing that only four people died and senators and congress people were not hurt. Your argument might hold more water, if it weren't for the fact that these same people intend to encircle the us Capitol and have threatened every single state Capital building, as well as the inaugural itself.. What's poetic justice (or pain, in this instance) is the fact that Trump has designated any attack on any government entity for any reason as deserving of ten years in prison. Yea, sure, he meant confederate statues and monuments, but it's going to be applied against every one if these arrestees, and well it should.

And frankly, I'm damned sick and tired of hearing that just because people voted absentee for their health, or that voting rights advocates actually got more voters signed up (generally youth and people of color), the election was "stolen". Your Colorado son can tell you, I am sure, about the reliability and effectiveness of mail in balloting. If you want to argue an election, you argue all of it, not just the states where you lost. Hilary Clinton conceded the next day by personal phone call, and while the democrats fought in the Bush election, they didn't call out an army of rioters to assist, and eventually were polite, conciliatory and helped with the transition of power. I'm the veteran, with widow of a veteran and the sister of a veteran, with more overseas time in current conflicts between us than I can count on two hands and I am absolutely apalled. For the very first time in my adult life, I would not be opposed to the army assisting on US soil if it was needed.

Cappy said...

Well, didn't take long for the death threats and bayonets to come out.

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