March 25, 2021

Deep Digging

The Hoosier state is loosening the reigns of COVID restrictions as the infection rate drops. The mask mandate ends early April. Of this there are three possibilities. First the Governor believes things are safe enough. Two, there is growing political and homegrown pressure that enough is enough. The State representatives are moving to strip Governor Holcomb of some emergency powers. Me, I’m more cynical. In light of the decision to host the entirety of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament locally, thousands of visitors have flooded Indy. The news is filled with images of partying crowds, many maskless, downtown.  Good for the economy, bad for spreading the Wuhan Flu. Now, if a spike in sick people occurs, the blame will shift from “Why’d you let thousands of potential Typhoid Marys into the city” to “We lifted the mask mandate too early —we shouldn’t have trusted you rubes to keep socially distant”. 

I suspect the motives of every politician, no matter the party. 


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...


That's all I have to say.

Scott said...

I'm cynical like you, however I don't suspect politician's motives anymore. They prove every single time that it's about money, influence, and power. A return to our prosperity is something we all want.

hey teacher... said...

Now I will have to listen to two months of middle schoolers bitching because they have to wear masks at school but not at McDonald’s. We’ve been IN school the whole year and our quarantine rates are very low. I’m sure they will spike again due to Spring Break stupidity. Wear the masks people!s

Ed Bonderenka said...

I've heard of this mask wearing thing.
I see many people doing it.
I can't understand why.

Greybeard said...

Karen says "Wear your mask. If you want to be REALLY safe, wear two."
Karen be smart.

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