March 26, 2021


Funny, ain’t it, how Joe* kept reporters a first down away at his news conference yesterday. Fear of the COVID, I guess. He even masked up, though it would take super germs to fly that far. Too bad the President * doesn’t have the same consideration and concern for the health of Americans. If he did, he wouldn’t let thousands of possibly infected illegals jump the border every day. 

As anyone who watched The Godfather Ii. knows, we used to screen immigrants at the border and quarantine those that were sick. Nope, not today’s Democrats. They want to flood the country with illegals, grant citizenship, and gain new voters that will vote for the same policies that made their own countries shitholes. Yeah, I said it. Yes, I’ve been there, the interior of Mexico, not the beaches and tourist sites. It is a shithole for many. Not everyone. Not every area. I understand why they want to come here. That doesn’t mean we should have open borders. I want to live in the big houses out by the reservoir. Like Mick said, “You can’t always get what you want “. It is not our responsibility to fix the world.

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