March 14, 2021

I didn't even know Jello Pie was a real thing

Once again we have moved to the odious and misnamed and pointless DST. Nothing is saved. We have the same hours of daylight we would have enjoyed had we not done the changing of the clocks thing. So it goes.

The coffee is good and  hot. Music is playing in the background and I am hunting and pecking on the old computer as I rush through the old blogroll before heading off to another thrilling day at work. I do get two days off a week. I just wish they were together. Again, so it goes. 

That "so it goes" phrase is straight out of Vonnegut. The only decent line he ever wrote, I posit. 

You cannot tell from this post, but I really do not go around with a dour face and poor attitude. I am generally a happy person. This here anonymous little-read blog is where I vent. Should we ever meet in real life I think you would find me a much more pleasant person than comes across in these electronic pages. 

There you have it, another real-life adventure in the life of a hoosierboy. Tune in again next time for more adventure.

I gotta be honest. Whatever you are paying to read this site is way, way too much. 


Ed Bonderenka said...

And it contributes to man made global warming, climate change, whatever, as much as anything else.

Cappy said...

Well, 3/14 is Pi Day, after all.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The only other memorable line I took away from Vonnegut is the one about rolling donuts and the moon. Since this is a family blog I shan't quote the whole thing.

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